Choosing the Content of Facial Cleansing Soap according to Skin Type

Washing your face with water is not enough. Facial cleansing soap is needed to completely remove oil and dirt on the face. Before choosing facial cleansing soap, first examine the ingredients in order to get the right type of skin. There are various types of facial cleansing soap with ingredients and claims for their properties for the skin. But you are advised not to be tempted by these claims without knowing the content of facial cleansing soap and skin type they have. To find out the type of skin, try washing your face using facial cleansing soap and dry it. Afterwards, don't use moisturizer or anything on the face. Wait for an hour then press the tissue or paper oil (oil paper) in the area of ​​the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. If the face does not look shiny and there is no oil attached to the oil paper, chances are your skin is normal. Meanwhile, if the face feels tight and like being pulled, you have dry skin. Oily skin is characterized by oily oil paper or tissue w
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